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ICE Caesar

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Treason Knife (ICE Level 1)

Treason Knives (ICE Level 2)

Treason Knives (ICE Level 3)

Treason Knives (ICE Level 4)

Treason Knives (ICE Level 5)

Laurel (ICE Level 1)

Laurel (ICE Level 2)

Laurel (ICE Level 3)

Laurel (ICE Level 4)

Laurel (ICE Level 5)

Paludamentum (ICE Level 1)

Paludamentum (ICE Level 2)

Paludamentum (ICE Level 3)

Paludamentum (ICE Level 4)

Paludamentum (ICE Level 5)

Sagum (ICE Level 1)

Sagum (ICE Level 2)

Sagum (ICE Level 3)

Sagum (ICE Level 4)

Sagum (ICE Level 5)

Caligae (ICE Level 1)

Caligae (ICE Level 2)

Caligae (ICE Level 3)

Caligae (ICE Level 4)

Caligae (ICE Level 5)


The quality is off the chain! @Saus you never disappoint. The only question I have will this be a sit-n-go wearable?

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, just some clipping on the lower and upper body at the marked areas. Also could you please add a top head to the knives so they fit the category?

@Yannakis fixes are in good ser!

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Hey looks like the body under the skirt clips with it. Id suggest deleting it and filling the bottom at a height a bit above the end of skirt. (Both male and female)

@Yannakis thank you for the suggestion kind ser. fixes are in

Not sure what happened here. Probably applied changes after the rigging.

@Yannakis I think this might be a bug on the dcl side. has been happening here and there. last time we re-exported and it fixed itself. the normals were good to go when we checked. but nonetheless will get these reuploaded

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@Yannakis should be good to go, good ser. ty again

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Looking great, collection approved!

Really nice looking. I can’t wait to see this one release.

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just wanted let ya know the wrist kinda clips

In game it comes and goes, nice catch @TheCryptoTengu will forward to @Saus

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Awesome just wanted make sure I want to see DG shine its very best. Huge fan and with interest.

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@Yannakis update good ser! also thank you @TheCryptoTengu you are a legend!


Hey @Saus can you make sure to push changes?

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@Yannakis hide updated for laurel

This is now updated. Cheers!

@Yannakis updated names on this one ser :pray: