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i luv snow

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i luv snow Hoodie


Now it’s a party!!!i would wear this to every party in Decentraland lol LFG!!!

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i was plannin on it too brother hehe

What a nice touch, love it! The accents look really dope & I can’t wait to see people rocking it in DCL! Congrats on your drop!

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Hey, checking this out now!

Heya! Please fix the penetrations on the run for female and male. Check out the screenshot below -

There’s also some flipped normals on the hands. See below -



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got it will have fixed right away :slight_smile:


Unfortunately due to the Content Policy of wearables we’re unable to accept the word ‘Cocaine’ on the wearable.

You can find the content policy here - Decentraland

Please adjust this texture so it says something else. Cheers!

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hey, sorry to hear wasnt sure about it before but glad to know now :)) would coke or coca be acceptable replacements? would be happy to alter to fit to guidelines

No prob. I think any obvious implication that it’s Cocaine isn’t suitable. You could change it to “I Luv Snow” to match the name of the wearable collection - as an example.

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gotcha thank u for the feedback very appreciated <33

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hello, got it all updated with snow :slight_smile:

Great thanks! Looks good! Please remove the word ‘coke’ from the tags and will approve!

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awesome!! just removed!

Cheers! All approved!