Collection 'I did it first! Meta Skate Drip!' created by MrMookie#165d is ready for review!

I did it first! Meta Skate Drip!

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Dimond & Gold Roller Skates Drip


one for @Shibu one for @SteveScott one for @Malloy one for @Chestnutbruze one for @vrglitch one for @Lauretta and only four left for sell




Please pick me maddd late to the chat. :disappointed:

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How did you find me?

On reddit, just saw a post about decntraland and some NFT giveaway Gold roller blades.

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okay like i said best comment wins. do you own any of my other NFTs?

No bro, I’ve only been in crypto and studying this space for six months. Trying to follow relatable people online and trying to get into NFT.

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I. i’m invited from reddit :slight_smile:

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whats your Decentraland adress im going to send you some of my stuff and some other stuff for free Boss.

do you own any of my other NFTs?

i don’t have…

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Oh crap, thanks man. I didn’t know you needed a decentraland wallet. I have metamask. Wow​:flushed:, doesn’t happen to me , seems so surreal. But will set it up.:smiley:

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send me you Decentraland address and i will send you some of my stuff just tell me which one you like the best please!

I’m at work at the moment, and tried setting up my decentraland. It’s telling me that I need to be at a desktop. Won’t get to one until the next 6 hours. Don’t know if that helps. sorry dude. So pissee right now



i sent you the red halo lmk what you think please!

yh i like it. here i see?

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im not sure how long the review process is. this isnt even available RN until one of the first people that i tag approve it. could be five minutes could be five hours. this my 7th time posting on Decentraland market place!

okay cool i will send you my green halo now until they approve these