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Hunt Me Down

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Chick Jacket m

Chick Jacket F

Chick Bonnet

Hello! Will review this now.

  1. Consider adding “Hides: hair” to the helmet, as of now hair styles clip through it.

  2. You could also add a male\female representation to an exisiting model instead of making another item in the collection. I’m not sure it’s possible to do so after publication, will figure it out.


Hi, Andre!

Thanks for the comment.
We’ve uploaded it again.
Can you review it for us?
Appreciated your hard work.

Would you like to upload another item instead of one of the jackets? As I said, it’s possible to unite male and female variants into one wearable with two representations, and as I can see, you’ve done so, but now you have two basically same items, which is not allowed.

You can upload a completely different item (some boots, for example) in place of one of the jackets without any additional fees.

OK. Will try to find where we can add the female one to the first jacket.

No-no, there already are both male and female representations, but on BOTH jackets in the collection they are the same, which technically makes those items not different at all. It’s enough to have one jacket with two representations attached to it, this way you’ll have one item in the collection that goes for both male and female avatars.

I’m proposing changing one of those jacket items completely, it can be a helmet, a lower body part or even another upper body item - but it must not be a copy of an existing item.

We’ve changed one of the jacket items to shoes.
Can you review it?
Much appreciated!

The items are ok now!

Consider changing feet thumbnail to something, which is more representative of the item itself, and remove underscore between words, please.

Otherwise it’s ready for approval :slight_smile:

Hi, Andre!

The thumbnail is supposed to be like that because the shoes are part of an exclusive chick suit.
So we want our community members to know what it will be like when they collect all of the different parts.

Hope it helps you to understand. :slight_smile:

I see the idea, but as of now the feet thumbnail doesn’t represent the item itself, which is not right. You can leave the “Double E. One” logo for the purpose of recognition by community members.


Can you check it pls?

Collection has been approved!

So cool!
Appreciated your quick response!