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Hungry Man

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Taco Cabeza


Doughnut Dude


Lollipop Head

Checking this out now!

Cool wearables! Just a few things to fix up. Can you please reduce the Material and Texture count to 2 on the Lollypop and the Burger.


-The Taco is a little too large for a normal head. Please scale it down by roughly 10-20%
-The Lollypop wearable is a little bit too tall too. Try scaling it down 5-10%.

Here’s the guide for ideal wearable sizes -

It doesn’t have to fit in here precisely, but its a good guide for how big to go.

-Please change the name ‘Hamburgler’ to another more generic name.


Here’s the models within the boundaries and are only 2 textures and 2 materials on the items too. I changed the hamburgler name.
Thank you!


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How’s it looking now?

You see what I mean its a glitch there’s only 2 textures and materials on the blender file of each of those.

Heya. Thanks for making those changes.

Even though the Taco is within that bounding box, it’s still very large and I think it will distract players. Please reduce in size just a little bit as seen below -


To solve the 3 Textures issue. Remove the texture from the avatar material, this isn’t needed.

I reduced the size of the taco. It only has two textures and materials as well. Here is a photo.

Thanks for that. Really fun wearables. Approved!