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Hovering Heads

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Hovering Head

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey, collection approved!

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Wow. Really?


@AndreusAs just to clarify on the guidelines on what is allowed. I always thought the design need to be of humanoid and such designs had been blocked for past few months? I am not trying to sabotage this collection but I just want some clarity on the rules so we can save time for future designs on the creators’ side

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Ability to hide the whole body brings alot of creative space. I done it in the past but I seen it banned shortly after. So if it is explicitly allowed then it will be way more fun.

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Hey @Tobes ,
This was just flagged by the curators as not meeting guidelines and has been disabled @AndreusAs . Can you please re-review?

Hey @butterflyprawn , you are correct and this isn’t meeting approval requirements. Sorry for any confusion!
Designs must be humaniod or using the full armature correctly (eg. jelly fish lol) so must at least have hands and feet representation~

No worries

I was surprised by the rather quick approval.

So if I add hands and feet then it’s fine?

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Yes! Should be good if there is a representation of hands and feet. (reference the DCL birthday wearables or more abstract designs)
Once you update just tag Andreus with an @ and they can re-review!

Hey everyone!

So yep, I thought of this being not compliant with the guidelines, but in my opinion it’s not a case, similar to either the vechicle or static skins or pets situation, but rather a cool way of maneuvering between restrictions while maintaining creative value AND not looking too out of line in terms of quality and technical questions.

Though, if the majority of the commitee is voting against I will comply, of course.


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Thanks for that AndreusAs!

I prefer to keep the creativity of no hands or feet, as it is meant to be just a hovering head.

But if the committee is adamant about having hands and feet, I will happily add them to get this concept across the line.

I’ve uploaded a rough draft with hands and feet.

I will make further improvements in the morning.


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Hey @AndreusAs,

I’ve made an update to the wearable so that hands and feet are visible. Just concerned about the feet, with certain shoe wearables that people decide to wear - as my rings might clip into a few… I can’t pre-test it on a range of shoe wearables.

I am wondering if we could ignore feet? It represents a humanoid with the hands alone as it can now do the animations of the emote gestures.


Hey! Yep, it’s not possible to make it fit with each and every boots piece out there, and that’s perfectly fine. Let’s just stick to the guidelines now :slight_smile:

Collection has been approved!

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Cool - Thanks for that!

Apologies for opening the chat up over this again AndreusAs

Just a question, for now, is it possible to set up the glow effect where people can choose the colour they want it to be?



Hey, it can be done partly, as I know - if you assign hair material to the glowing parts and add white emission to it, you might get near the desired result. In this case, the color of the emission would be adjusted via hair color pallete.