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Horns Of Wonder

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Ram Horns of Wonder

Demon Horns of Wonder

Devil Horns of Wonder

Antlers of Wonder

Unicorn Horn of Wonder

Wizard Horns of Wonder

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these would look sick with my acid warrior!!! gonna snag a pair when they are available!

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These are very nice! I was concerned at first that the Devil Horns might look too similar to my recent submission, but I it seems to be different enough to me in scale, placement, etc.

Thanks! Yours are great. And yes, you are right, my Devil Horns are very different.

Thank you HirotoKai! The Wizard Horns are my favorite from the collection. I can’t wait to wear them in the world.

Great that you utilized the top head slot as I find the wearables market is lacking in that area. Nice work looking forward to putting these on.