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Homes for heroes Wearables

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H4H Wearables

this is Andre from Metaverse Architects, let me know if you need anything from me!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, just a couple gaps on both male and female


Saw this on the forums and couldn’t help but share my knowledge.
It looks like the faces here are flipped, just flip them or extruding them to essentially have both faces facing outwards.image
Here, either you have a face flipped the wrong direction again, or you just need to connect some disconnected vertices in that location.

I think the problem with the hips here is you need a bottom on the hoodie like this:

Then weightpaint the whole bottom to the hips. That should fix your problem.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

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Thanks to Both Yannakis and Arthur!
We fixed the changes and re-uploaded. Could you kindly confirm if both the male and the female representations are showing? Thanks!

Looks good, just this part on female that is weighted to a random bone

Glad I was able to help!:blush: just reply to me if you need help with the weighting.

Hi Yannakis! Updated the corrected version!

Collection approved!