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Holy Psycho Peng

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Holy Psycho Peng


GM Fam… The PFC approved the wearable. Thank you in advance for your approval :slight_smile:

Happy festival season DCL fam,
I worked on this wearable. I wanted to see the conclusion of the attached thread before starting so I could set it up in a similar way:

It has a bit more tris but kept it under 3000tri (in the past upper+lower combo get 3000)
Two textures on all parts:
Texture one: Base UV
Texture Two: Glow Emission
Normals are good from what I can see!

Thank you so much! :cloud:

Bump for approval plz :cloud:

another bump for approval :cloud: :cloud: :cloud:

Hey @michi, sorry for the wait, there are some things you might want to consider adding to “Hides” section. Hat, earring and eyewear, as these items will most likely clip with the model.

Also, the elbow is bending strangely, I think there are too few triangles in that area so the geometry becomes very thin as the elbow rotates.


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Thanks for that amazing feedback, I’ve just updated teh elbow space to have a bit more detail so it can bend with a bit more grace and sent through to Art haha

Just regarding hiding more categories would you be ok if we keep hat and glasses so it can engage with upcoming and existing penguin accessories?
Eg. it working with the current penguin glasses

GM - I’ve uploaded the new File. Thank you for checking out.


Hey, sure you can choose to not hide those categories, up to you.
Thanks for making the fix in the geometry, approving now :+1:

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Thx for approving. Im just wearing it rn and it looks strange

Hey @ArtReYou it looks like the faces are reversed on the head and on the bible. I rejected the wearable so you can upload a fixed version. Please ping me when it is done so i can reapprove

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Thank you, @michi can u please take a look into this

Something in the settings must have flipped the normals which was super strange!
So sorry for the inconvenience~
Art has the most current file.

Hi Chestnutbruze
I’ve uploaded the fixed version. Thx for reapprove :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your support on this @Chestnutbruze , so much appreciated~ :partly_sunny:

Hey @Chestnutbruze i’ve uploaded the fixed version. Please reapprove. Thx