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HODL Glasses


Hello! I’ve worked on this and it is two materials/textures but learning from the hoodie builder is showing three material. All the objects are joined and below is the textures used:

Texture One: Diamond UV
Texture Two: Base UV w/ Emission


Love these NYE gonna be so fun :smiley:

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Hey @michi, good one!

Can you please add in replacements: mask, top head, helmet.



Hey @Shibu ! I added in the replacement for top head and helmet, but do you think we could keep mask available? Most of the masks available on the market right now would integrate quite nicely, and we have plans for our own mask to go with this as well!

Edit: Went ahead and removed the helmet hide, would love if we could keep it with this slot!

Just following this up with some examples of how it could work with mask (and possibly helmet/head)~

Mouth change:

Eye or make-up change:

Head/Helmet (skulls etc.):

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@Shibu can I follow up on this approval?
Would love to hear your thoughts on hidden/unhidden combos

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Bump for approval plz :partly_sunny:

bump for approval :slight_smile:

@HODLHQ Looking at these now

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if you can reduce the size of the ETH icon floating above the head by 25%, I’ll approve as ‘eyewear’.

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Update has been pushed!!!

Thank you so much for your time :gem: :raised_hands:

pushing changes to update description… sorry :sweat_smile:

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