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Hiroto Kai’s “The Blue Dragon”

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The Blue Dragon Kimono

The Blue Dragon Pants

** The Blue Dragon Hood**

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Just fixed the thumbnails noticed they were a little dark and i forgot to resize them! should be good now!

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This looks fantastic, @HirotoKai!
Curious if it is possible to wear the hood without the hair, or if it’s all always together?

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Thank you! and the beard and hair goes with the hood! it works for both female and male tho! so females can wear a beard if they want! just the style of the blue dragon to have the full beard and hair!

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Hey @HirotoKai ! Looking awesome.
You may want to add some custom thumbnails to be more representative to the in world textures and colors.

Have noticed a strange geometry, WDYT?

@vrglitch Should be good to go all fixed on all parts:)

Great! Are you ok with the darker thumbnails?

I brighten them! did the new ones upload? @vrglitch

looks like they are brighter so we should be good to go! :slight_smile: hopefully just in time for my show tonight!

Great work. Approved!! Have a good day!

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me gustaa! buen trabajo