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Hiroto Kai Cyber Kimono

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Hey guys could you reject this first I just need to rename the Item name, the Collection name is correct but I forgot to change the item name when I uploaded! :slight_smile: I forgot to add a space haha

Nevermind i fixed it :slight_smile:

The collection has been assigned to 0x5ce9fb617333b8c5a8f7787710f7c07002cb3516

Collection approved!

<3 thank you so much!!

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Just waiting for it to go through still hasn’t said approved on my end, cant wait to mint one and throw it on! @Yannakis

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Having an issue approving and it appears disabled… will let you know once its all approved!

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Let me know if its okay now!

all good now thank you!!!

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Hey @Yannakis I noticed I had a few bad normals and just fixed them! sorry about that! just pushed for changes:)

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No worries, changes approved!

Thank you so much!!!

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