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Hiro x Bob - Ether HeroBit

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Ether HeroBit Suit Top

  • Description: Hiro x Bob Collab on the Herobits Project.
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: upper_body

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Ether HeroBit Suit Bottoms

  • Description: Hiro x Bob Collab on the HeroBits Project.
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: lower_body

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Hi @HirotoKai , Iā€™m afraid both models may contain IP issues. Please reformulate your design so that shape and color are not similar to other registered character.Thank you!

Okay!! will redo design!!!

@vrglitch what about it was an ip issue? the red and blue?

@vrglitch All fixed!!!

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Please notice that female and male hips have different heights, so in order to not have this kind of issue you will need to adjust your model and make two variations of the upper and lower body. Creating Wearables | Decentraland


Screenshot 2021-06-29 094304

Are you ok with the amount of light ?

Once you have both representations for your upper and lower body, please update the models on the tool and let me know.

Thank you!

Okay sweet thank you:) i will work with bob on this!!

@vrglitch I have the models ready for female and male but it wont allow me to upload a new representation how do i go about this?