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Hipster’s backpack

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Hipster’s Turtle-backpack

  • Description: Collaboration featuring a Mandala painted turtle shell by Ieza.
  • Rarity: rare
  • Category: upper_body

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Hello, wanted to tell you a bit more about this collection. This collection is featuring a mandala painting done by friend and artist Ieza as an onboarding experience into the metaverse art.
Below are some in world samples, would appreciate feedback or fixes to be done.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, will review this now.

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Collection has been approved!

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Thank you, have a great one!

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hello @AndreusAs quick question on this item. Currently experiencing this issue on the Decentraland Desktop Client. It seems it’s the only item affected in my bag so far. Would like to know if its due to a beta “bug” on client or if something went wrong on file within builder. Thanks in advance!


Everything seem to be in order in builder. I’ll pass the issue to devs :slight_smile:

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