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  • Description: Get the Highness
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: lower_body

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Hi, checking your collection :slight_smile:

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Hello @Dcl Fam <3

A new drop from Dripwear.eth
We hope you like it and hope for a quick release
stay High 420 Love and Peace to the World we need that !!!

Thanks @theankou for the fast Reply <3 i hope u have fun :smiley:

All good, but i think category should be changed to upper_body
Your previous wearable collection (DripAdin) was approved as upper_body, and also we have a rule that if upper_body mixed with lower_body, then we should ask publisher to use upper_body category :slight_smile:

Oops Soory was Our Fail :smiley:
Its Changed !!

Overrides should be changed too :slight_smile:
Replaces: Upper Body
Hides: Lower Body, Feet

Screenshot (281)
maybe it didnt Refresh :thinking: @theankou

thank you, will approve collection in near minutes :slight_smile:

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ahah so cool,
i have the same idea
congrats bro

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Tanks alot :smiley: and have a nice Peaceful Day <3

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Collection approved! :slight_smile:

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