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Higher Life Lounge Wear

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HL Lounge Pants

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hi i will review this now

there is no female representation, is this okay?

@Sango Thank you for looking into that. That is OK on the representation

In the builder I submitted this as both. As the same wearable works on both male and female

it is only submitted as male. the male version will not work perfectly with the female shape without edits.

At the moment this is uploaded as a male representation only and no female part. is that okay or did you want a female representation?

@Sango I understand what you are saying .I will submit a female version later on . You can process this one as male only

you will have to upload a female representation. let me know once you have

@Sango let’s process this as male only I may work on a female version in the future

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collection has been approved

wow these pants nice i been missing alot of drip lol