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Hexroid VR Glasses

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hey i will review this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

could you reduce the triangels to 500?

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Ok, I will update it asap!

hey ive just noticed you made the update. could you remove “eyewear” from the replaces category and add hat and helmet to the Hide category

Thank you for your check @Sango
I updated it. Just don’t understand may I ask why should I remove it from the eyewear?


because you should have the replaces as the same as the items category

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This collection has been approved

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I cannot turn on on sale. what can be the problem?

item category is eyewear and I already added replace eyewear.

i will speak to the devs. im pretty sure it should read 100/100

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ok then, I will waiting for you.

Its published. Thanks

Hi @Sango ,

There was a problem with hide category, so I’ve updated the category. I’d appreciate it if you could check and confirm.

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