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Haunted Kids

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Haunted Demon Kid

Haunted Ghost Kid


Dope! What are the specs for skins? How many triangles/textures and materials?


you can see all that info if you click view entire collection and put them on with the eye. It will list all that info in details. not sure if you knew that already,but may help those who come along. Or want to see wearables before buying. I think these are really neat and awesome.

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I’m actually in love with these!

amazing design :slight_smile: I like to see this in DCL kid zone one day.

Hey there, I’m not a curator but just passing some friendly knowledge. With the skin update, the skin category has restrictions of 5k tris, 5 materials, and 5 textures. Your model has 7081 tris, 7 mats, and 6 materials and the other has 6063, 6 mats, and 6 tris. These are some clean models and rigging! Great job! Fixing this might help reduce approval delays.

5k triangles for skin category and 5 textures of 512x512px (or lower).

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The official Decentraland twitter posted this

if you watch it, they include one of LPS’s models in the advertisement on possibilities. The LowPolystore has always been pretty good on following the guidelines on sending wearables to get approved. Maybe the guidelines are wrong on what’s the limits? who knows … I cant wait to see the updates on what’s going on since Skins is such a brand new addition.

Reguardless sending love to the creator … hopefully the vision is still the same if they do need to change up some triangles

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Straight from Foundation Member. The rollout wasn’t super clear with limitations, but he clarified on the discord. Either way the models are DOPE and could easily accommodate the restrictions with minor changes. Can’t wait to see them in-game :smiley:

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yeah, I saw that too

hi i will review this collection now

Hi great collection!

any chance you could bring the tri count down a bit and also the mats and textures ?

hello @Sango I have already reduced the wearable

  • the number of tris has not been reduced but please note that this wearable hides the helmet and hat which are 1500 tris each one
  • the number of materials has been reduced to five however one of this materials is the skin material which allows the player to change the tone of skin of the wearable, which allows a little bit of customitation on the skin
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ok sweet, could you address the normals on the bottom of the body on the blue version please?

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sure give me a moment

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done @Sango thanks a lot

thank you, just one last bit of clipping when running here then i think were good

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geeeesh this crazy :fire: :fire:

done @Sango let me know when you view them

sorry ive just noticed one more clip on the red version