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Hater Slayer

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Hater Slayer (Mask and Sword)

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Hi guys, the creator here.

Pros of the Mask:

  • Stylish item (mask) that doesn’t interfere with your other wearable.
  • Glowing Horns make you stand out in a crowd.
  • Extremely fluid!! (Strap/swords are weighted down to match the body movements)
  • 2 separate models included (for BaseMale and BaseFemale models)

Rare item, will be sold for 1-2mana (no more).


Awesome collection can’t wait for it to be released


Cool!!! Very complete design for such an affordable price! Lots of users will want to add it to their collection!!


Let me know when this is out. Cant wait!


Thanks Miguel! Created it with the Vox Board compatibility in mind too :wink:

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From the creator to the review team:
I’d like to reduce this item to be only 500 available. I know you all are busy right now with the Q1 and Q2 plans. So whenever you can get to it would be awesome. It will be 500 available and sold for 2 MANA each.

I dont think the rarity can be changed after the wearable has been submited


@Yannakis Thank you. I’ll stick to my original submission then. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve the wearable.

Id say it looks really good. Just gotta wait for a curator to review and approve it!


Great - TY! I appreciate the feedback.

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Hi @Lauretta - looks like I got yannakis approval for this. Could you approve please give me the thumbs up if it’s all correct :grin:

Interesting concept!!! I cant wait to see this in the shop

hi i will review this now

collection has been approved

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@Sango Ty Sango! Stoked! See you in the fourms :slight_smile:

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