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Happier Together… 2x2

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Silly Duo (East) by ExtraVersion

Silly Duo (West) by ExtraVersion

Silly Duo (East) by ExtraVersion

Silly Duo (West) by ExtraVersion

Xmas Tee (Sled) by ExtraVersion

Xmas Tee (Deer) by ExtraVersion

hi can you push a small change tog et it to go through to the curators apge please

Hi @Sango, can you try now?

The collection has been assigned to Sango

That did the trick thank you. ill check them over now

can you make it clear which top is being represented in each item. i cannot accept items with the same thumbnail, i suggest having just the model that is in the item being shown in the thumbnail

thank you Sango, let me think a little bit… I wanted to show that it pairs with another wearable

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Hi @Sango, that’s what I’ve came up, please check:

i dont think this will work with the black and white designs thumbnail
try making the paired wearable smaller and maybe with some transparency to it

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added transparency, with background it will look like this:

Good idea with transparency! :smiley: :nerd_face:

much better! let me know once youve updated them

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Hi @Sango, it’s done, all 4 thumbnails updated, please check :slight_smile:

This collection has been approved

Thank you. Sango! You’re very prompt!

Followed you on twitter, hope it’s you @SangoOfTheEast :sweat_smile:

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no problem! :smiley: yes thats me. catch you around!

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Hi @Sango, I just pushed a small update - added #HolidaySeason to two Xmas tees. Could you please approve, when you have a moment? Thanks!

Updates have been pushed :slight_smile:

Much appreciated, @Sango! :pray: :smiley: