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Hahhhsis - 「 Neptune 」

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** Neptune**

Hello, I will review this now.

  1. Please, reduce the amount of textures and materials to 5 each, also, reduce the amount of triangles to approximately 5000 (± 500).

  2. Consider adding a male representation or making the item female only.

  3. Consider pushing the bottom part of the dress a little higher, so that it stops clipping through ground.

  4. Consider playing with rigging of the bottom part of the dress, so that it looks less like a completely solid, rigid object.

  5. Consider pushing the part, marked on the screenshot, a little bit further backwards, currently there’re lots of clipping issues during almost all animation.


Dear AndreusAs,
I are attending MVFW fashion week, And I have finished the revision. Please check it as soon as possible. Thank you
best wishes

  1. It’s male-only wearable, isn’t it supposed to be female?
  2. Looks like the bottom part of the dress is rigged to only one leg, which looks weird during running and walking anims - like the avatar is hopping on one leg. Consider working on it more.

Please, test the wearable in-game via Ropsten testnet before next commit to make sure all fixes are applied.


Hello AndreusAs,
please try again, thanks for your advise wish they could be pass this time!
best wishes

The rigging is nice on skirt now, but consider using double-sided shader on it and add some legs. Atm it looks like this while running:

Thanks for your advise wish they could be pass this time​:smile::grin::laughing:

Still no legs here:)