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Gyrfalcon Bird of Prey

Hi! Will check collection in 10 minutes!

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I’m waiting when collection will appear in curation tab, so this may take some minutes before i’ll check collection :slight_smile:

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@theankou ,OK, very good. Thankful :pray:

The collection has been assigned to theankou

collection approved, enjoy!

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@theankou ,Thanks for your review and approval . :pray:

hi @theankou ,Can you please check and confirm this again. No changes have been made, only the tag has been added. Thankful .

Hey! Sorry, but wearable itself don’t match music thematic, so I can’t re-approve collection with metaverse music festival tag

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@theankou . ok i have remove tag , Can you please check and confirm this again

Hi @theankou
item is inactive , Im waiting for your feedback!!! thanks
Screenshot 2022-10-26 030948

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collection re-approved!

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Hi @theankou ,I noticed that this item is still inactive. You can check and say what is the reason for its inactivity. I think there was an error.


collection re-approved, check again pls

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