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GT Old School Raver Pants

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GT Old School Raver Pants

  • Description: Old School Wide-Leg Raver Pants
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: lower_body

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Hi! Checking collection now!

Iā€™m not sure, but maybe move bottom part a bit higher so shoes will be visible a bit at least? If thats intented, ok then.

However, if first thing is intented, then you would like to recommend you to smoothly weight paint bottom part to feet bone, to avoid pants overlapping with floor

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Thanks for the feedback! The pants should cover the shoes (see pic).

Looking at the overlapping issue now.

@theankou The bottom of the pants are now weighted at the bottom and ready for your second pass. The collection has been updated. Thank you!

collection approved!

Thank you mucho, @theankou!!!