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Grey Goose® US Open Wearables

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US Open Drawstring Bag

US Open Polo Shirt

GREY GOOSE® Tennis Ball Costume

GREY GOOSE® Honey Deuce Cocktail

US Open Tie-Dye Slides

GREY GOOSE® Polo Shirt


GREY GOOSE® Tennis Sunglasses

GREY GOOSE® Bucket Hat

GREY GOOSE® Top Serves Sweatband

Hey! I will check collection :slight_smile:



bucket hat:




  • add additional tiara model to match tiara category

looks like thats all, thank you! let me know when you will push updates

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi. We have made changes and are ready to have you take a look.

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  • add additional tiara model to match tiara category


  • i’m not sure if this will be approved, because nowadays upper_body wearables should follow humanoid shape and have working hands, to avoid issues with features in future. I will ask curation team about that to be sure

oh, and by the way.
do you have IP rights for use grey goose name and logo? please send them to team and let me know when you will send the message, so i will be able to contact with them for more info

thank you!

I sent the team the rights.


We changed the bag to earrings with earrings. That was a file that I missed. As for the ball we’re really hoping the curation team will approve it. I don’t know if they have a solution with the time constraint. Thanks.

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Hey Franky! All good with IP rights, but… I asked curation committee members about ball model and currently we can’t accept it, the main reason is frozen hands, if you will bring back standard hands that will work fine with emotes, then it’s good to go

also your backpack model goes inside ball, so maybe change the size of the ball a bit?

also i think good edit will be to make standard connection between ball and legs (currently legs just go inside ball, but what i do mean is to make standard connection the one that standard body and standard legs use), that way people wil be able to combine your ball with any pants

sorry :frowning:

Ok we swapped the tennis ball for a white version of the bucket hat. I’ve gone through and checked everything. Ready for you to take a look. Thanks!!

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approving collection!

collection approved!

Hi! We had to change the name of one of the wearables in this collection. We pushed the changes.

collection re-approved!

The collection is still showing up “under review”. People have the hats and they are showing up with tennis ball costume as the name. can we get it changed please. Thanks.

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i will re-approve now, sorry, probably bug with builder x)

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

should be good to go, can you check please?

It says “published” Thank you!!!

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