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Green santa hat

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Green santa hat

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Hey, same thing with this. If you add the default hair material the players can change the haircolor.

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Does this mean the hat can change colors based on hair color?

Sorry, yes, I am working on making it so hair color can change based on what the player decides it to be. Thank you for bringing that up.

Side note and for confirmation purposes: As for the purple though, I will leave it as is.

okay, approved the purple

Hi, I’m getting this error code in the process of editing my hats so they change hair colors. (

Builder.decentraland_error.PNG_2.PNG (449×305) (

Builder.decentraland_error.PNG_3.PNG (437×246) (

Note: I tried clearing caches but did not change anything. This error only occurs when trying to load the hat onto the character.

Resolved! I uploaded the thumbnails and not the correct file. The hair can now change colors and appears to be working properly now. If everything looks good on your side, I am finished.

Okay sounds good i will approve then

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Changed the description with the total available supply. The unavailable supply is in burn wallet 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead