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GolfCraft x Vroomway CaddyRacer

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I will check collection now!

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Hey @NikkiFuego,
triangle count combiner that usually allows to avoid tris limitations on wearables, do not count for skin wearables (as far as i know), i recommend to reduce triangle count to 5000

also, add this categories to overrides → wearables list

  • helmet
  • tiara

Strange, we always are able to go over 5k with our skins. We’ve published 20+ now and most are over 5k with hidden categories. I’ve reduced quite a bit already. I can add helmet and tiara to the list

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Just made added helmet, tiara, top-head, and earring to override list @theankou

Hey @NikkiFuego, i checked collections with skins that was reviewed by other curators, and yes, if skin is above 5k, then triangle count should be reduced :melting_face:

Also, i checked some latest collections with skins that you posted, and none of them was above 5k triangles, sorry :sweat_smile:

Not trying to be difficult. But we do have several over 5k. This has always been accepted when I’ve made skins above 5k.

Just to give an example…
Vroomway x MetaGamiMall skin is 6020 tris
Vroomway Season 3 Vynaku skin is 5218 tris
Vroomway Season 2 Junkerking skin is 7056 tris

Very frustrating when it’s not consistent guidelines.

I’ve reduced even more down to 5994. I cannot reduce anymore without redesigning significant chunks and ruining the integrity of the design. Surely the extra material and texture slots not being used have to account for some performance trade off as well as the hidden categories. @theankou

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@NikkiFuego collection approved!

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Thank you very much @theankou :pray:

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This one got utility update @theankou :pray:

collection re-approved!!!

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