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Golfcraft - SoapPunk Pirate

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Golfcraft - Captain Cleanbeard

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Hey, will review the collection now

  1. See-through issues

  2. Try to negate this clipping issue:

  3. Looks like some polys missing on the belt:

  4. Consider updating the “Hides” category with “Hat”, “Helmet”, “Tiara”.

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I’ve submitted the changes:

  1. Removed as much see-through issues as possible, there are still a few, but should not be distracting
  2. Added more weight to the belt on the leg, still some clipping on extreme movements, but should be much better
  3. Fixed the unaligned texture on the belt (back)
  4. Added Hat, Helmet and Tiara as “Hide”


Collection approved!

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Hi! I’ve sent this collection for review, only change: adding the MVFW2023 tag.

sasdfds sdfsdf sdfsdf adding more text to be able to post

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The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991