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GoldnBrown - Emerald Shades

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GoldnBrown Emerald Shades

  • Description: Gold and Emerald see through shades. Stay classy with subtlety.
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: eyewear

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Hi folks,
thanks for all your work on the community!

For this pair of shades
tri count is 480 with 2 textures, ‘male’ and ‘female’ models below
any suggestions welcome - thanks a lot


Hey, looks good.

I have to ask that you make the thumbnail resemble the ingame model more closely
There’s no specular qualities on the ingame material so that might be why its so different from the thumbnail version.

Hi Chestnutbruze!
thanks so much for check the submission.

Would you know how to fix the ingame material to add reflection?

I’ve added Specular to the max (on a test model) but couldn’t get them to look the way it does in Material view in Shading in Blender.

The result I’m looking for in Blender > Shading > Material View
Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 11.53.11 AM

What it looks like from Blender > Shading > Rendered

I’ve looked at dozens of ways (countless tweaks in material, using gltf and tweaking there, baking light, adding light probes to 10kW and reducing their size to millimeters…)


The ingame material does not have reflection so it is not possible. Which is why i suggest changing the thumbnail. It is also possible to ‘‘fake’’ the reflection, by baking the reflection into the colormap, you can look into that. This wont make the reflection dynamic ofc, but i’ve seen some other wearables use this technique with good results

Hey @GoldnBrown! Please change the thumbnail to approve as @Chestnutbruze suggested.


@Shibu and @Chestnutbruze
and we’re back!
Thanks for your help the thumbnail is ready!

bumping this one up - changes have been made - thanks again for the tips

oh I’m really sorry :grimacing: I’ve fixed one mistake on the thumbnail if you would kindly re-approve?

Hey @TheRealFreak, collection approved!