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The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi can you add some geometry to make it fit the top head category?

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Hi @Sango , Can you please check again? I matched a small piece with the top head.

hi i cant see any adjustment yet, could you reupload it?

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Hi @Sango , Based on what you said, a geometric design was added to the top of the head. Of course, its weight is the same as the total weight of the item. Because if I weight it to the highest part, it will suffer a lot of shocks, which is not suitable.
Please check it again if possible. Thank you for your attention.

Hi @Sango ,I see that there is a problem in displaying the item in opensea. Can you please report the problem to the developer if possible.
Thankful :pray:

Hi @Sango ,Did you forward the problem to the developer? This problem was always fixed about 1 hour after the release, but this time, after a day, it is still facing a problem and is practically invalid and unusable in OpenSea.
Thank you for your attention