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Goddess Wedding Dress Collection

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Goddess Wedding Dress


hello will review this item today

Hello. Thank you so much :smiling_face:

Thank you so much :smiling_face:

no problem, @MetaQueen .

so first of all beautiful concept, , however I will ask you to review the riggin on the model the lower part of the body its not fully weighted to the Hip creating a separation

also on the lower part the legs clip on the skirt specially noticiable when the avatar jumps (picture above )and when it walks
let me know when you do that and I will review it again

Thank you for your review. I will fix it and inform you.

everything is done as you required. Please review it again

Thanks a lot I will review the item today

WooW😍 What a cool idea

thanks for your patience approved @MetaQueen

Thanks for your attention

Thanks for your review :smiling_face: