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Gianni Lee x Artpool x Boson

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Gianni Lee Hand Painted Converse

Untitled War #1 by Gianni Lee

Untitled War #2 by Gianni Lee

Untitled War #3 by Gianni Lee

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, make sure to add a female representation with a higher waist height to avoid clipping, reduce the tris on shoes to be closer to the 1500 tris limit, and provide some proof of rights to use the Converse logo to

Hello @Yannakis the new models have been uploaded, we have removed the logo from the shoes and the tweaked the tee too. Let me know if it works now

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Hey there @Yannakis sorry to bother you. do you have any update in this collection?

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Hey, sorry for taking that long! Just some clipping with the legs and please remove Converse from the item name

Hey there will have a look at the tshirt and the name, will let you know when its changed

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hello @Yannakis the changes have been uploaded can you let me know if they work on your end

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Hey @Lauretta still some clipping in the same areas

hello there @Yannakis thanks for letting us know the new wearables should be uploaded right now

Collection approved!