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GG Jeans

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**GG Jean Collection **

  • Description: Official GG Jean Collection
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: lower_body

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Loving the high fashion items! Keep 'em coming!!! :fire: :fire: :fire:


Those are super deadly :fire::fire:


Wow, they look absolutely awesome

Hi, reviewing this now!

As i see you’re trying to imitate Gucci logo and abbreviation, can you replace logo on icon, and replace GG to “GoldGuy”, to avoid IP issues with your collection please?

@theankou I don’t see you on the wearable curation team. My logo looks nothing like Gucci…

These are fuego! Can’t wait for them to hit marketplace!

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Kristian is me, aka theankou :slight_smile:

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haha. I see now :slight_smile:

we are going to update the girl jeans-style ill inform you when uploaded.

@theankou The jeans are ready for review.

Logo still looks very familiar to Gucci, we don’t allow any imitations of other brands, sorry.
Please, remove logo from icon, or replace it with something that will not look like Gucci logo. :+1:

@theankou @Malloy @Shibu @Lauretta
My logo looks nothing like Gucci; Gucci is an IRL company whose logo has two GG symbols facing inwards my GG symbol logo is facing utter wards I have a crown in the middle of the logo they don’t. I am " The Gold Guy " in the metaverse and this is my logo… point of reference If I have to file my logo with The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and get my trademark attorney involved, I will! I’m not removing anything… - The Gold Guy


Just my opinion but I do not believe these logos to be very similar. the only similarities being both being gold and 2 Gs, the silhouettes are completely different.

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My logo is a custom brand and I created it to represent my name in m3taverse.

Sorry but your logo looks on 90% similar. I cant approve it. And all committee members agree with my opinion. Also, we have a rule that mentioned in committee docs, as well as in docs for wearable publishers:

The best solution in our situation will be remove / replacement of GG logo to something else. For exampe: “GOLD GUY”, thank you!

Again I disagree. I just emailed legal and if I have to get it Trademarked I will.

@theankou fixed! approve it.

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Collection Approved!