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GamesOnChain – MVFW

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GamesOnChain – Always Fair

GamesOnChain - Always Fun (Male)

DCL Gamesonchain

GamesOnChain - High Roller

GamesOnChain - Always Secure

hey wil lcheck this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

hey can you change high roller to helmet category

could you make sure the waistline of the “always secure” trousers is only being effected by the hip bone. at the moment it moves back a bit when running

Both have been update, thank you @Sango !! If these can be in world tomorrow would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

the Always Fun hoodie clips a bit on the waist as you run, try adjusting how much of the waist of the hoodie is being effected by the hip bone

There is also still some clipping on the always secure trouser on the waist too

All changes have been made thanks again @Sango Please let me know when these are through!

This collection has been approved :slight_smile:

Can you add these to the hide list for the skin and highroller head please?

  • Tiara
  • Hat
  • Helmet
  • eyewear
  • earrings