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  • Description: GALAXY’S BY HELLA RICH
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: feet

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Had to submit another design since I meant to put the Black Widows at epic for my black gorilla suit holders and something affordable for the community. I got the category right this time lol.

reviewing your model now.

much love. appreciate it.

collection approved! enjoy!

Thanks so much @DuckiezKing and the community also appreciates the work that yall are doing by getting all of these submissions reviewed quickly!


There a reason my photo isnt showing in the market? lol Its showing in my collection but not on the marketplace. Weird

Update: Now its showing this

let me take a look at this!

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I’m going to disable and reenable it. It looks fine in the editor but not in the market.

Ok sounds good. Hopefully that does it lol

alright, it has been disabled and reenabled.

let me know, if this works. if it doesn’t, the server might be running slow. may take an hour or so.

Its working now! Thanks again I really appreciate it

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I’ll keep an eye on this, also let me know if you catch it working or isn’t in like an hour or so.

Great, nevermind! Enjoy!

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