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Galaxy Tripper by TEOZ

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Metal Hoodie

Logo Shirt

I will check collection now!

this issues needs to be fixed:

also you will need to add glb for male representation (you can do that in builder, no need to pay any fees for male version)

Ok - thanks for the review! I will check on it and revert back :slight_smile:

Hello again - I have uploaded the files again with the fixed weighting issues. I have also changed the representation to female only as I created the original designs on CLO3D on a female avatar and my brand for now makes female clothing.
Please, let me know if it works now.

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some overlaps with neck and elbows on animations

rest is OK

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi again - I have updated the files. Please, let me know if it works now! Thanks

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Looks like there is still some overlapping issues in some areas

Ok - thanks! Will have a look.

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Hello again - I have made some adjustments. Please, have a look now :slight_smile: Thanks

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sorry for delay, checking collection now

green hoodie is perfect now!

but new version of white shirt looks very broken

I have been looking into it; hopefully will get it fixed soon!

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Hi again - I have updated the logo shirt. Could you have a look and check if it is okay now? Thanks

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Hi @teokuzz, sorry for late reply. There is still many overlapping issues between wearable and avatar body parts on emotes

For now i can’t approve this collection, until all overlaps will be fixed, this can be done through accurate weight painting of model

Green hoodie works perfect and there are no any overlaps with body, while white shirt have many small overlaps



and there is also overlap on back, when you walk / run