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Checking this out now!


hello @grimey, I also have my last item that had some vertex not connected problem, can I update it now and you put it live again ?

ok I just pushed the modif on MetaZombie @grimey

Heya. Nice shoes! Just a few things to fix up

  • Make sure there’s no gap in the ankles.



  • See if you can avoid some of these penetrations on the back of the trousers

  • Disconnect the texture from the avatar material mat you can get down to 2 Textures



Sorry I’ll need to leave that for Michi Todd to re-approve. I’m sure he’ll do it shortly!

he told me to ask someone else because he will not be here until tomorow

for texture it is normal , 2 texture + the basic one of skin , I update the model fast

You can remove the texture of the avatar and just keep the shader. It will take the texture count down to 2 and act the same.

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do I have to remove normal map too ?

Oh there’s a normal map? That wont affect the wearable. You might aswell remove that.

ok removed both and always 3 material and 3 textures lol

No prob, I sent ya a DM so we can fix it up.

looks amazing!! Keep up the work :green_heart:

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ok @grimey all done, ty =)

@grimey thank you very much !!!

@fabeeobreen , hello I need to update the description of this wearable, just to say that the wearable is now a VIP wearable for a place

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Let me know once you pushed the change and i will re approve it! @xxxRTxxx

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@fabeeobreen , all done

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen