Collection 'G.E.M.C. Elite Streetwear (G1)' created by datguyGZO#067a is ready for review!

G.E.M.C. Elite Streetwear (G1)

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Neon Night Shoes

Neon Night Hoodie

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Hi, checking your collection now!

There is a overlap with legs on female representation

Also the ropes are visible only from one side, i think better will be to add thickness.

@theankou This has been fixed

Sorry for delay, checking collection now!

Much better, however, overlaps on run animation should be fixed:

@theankou this has been fixed

I will check your collection today :slight_smile:

Collection approved!

@theankou Thank you! I just update the market image for the hoodie. Can you approve that as well?

Maybe thats the reason? TBH Curators Builder very laggy, and i double checked that i re-approved collection, but looks like, it’s not, i will fix that rn, sorry.

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Collection re-approved! Please, next time, update all your stuff before collection will be approved.