Collection 'Funky Fungi Collection 1' created by DCLWearables#272d is ready for review!

Funky Fungi Collection 1

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Red Shroom Hat

Flower Shroom Hat

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So pretty!!! :smiley: Can’t wait for them! Congrats!! <3

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Thank you!!! We are soooooo excited!!! Can’t wait to see these hats in the marketplace :mushroom: :star_struck:

Hey @collections just wondering if you can please let us know when our hats will be reviewed, thank you!!!

Checking this out now!

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@dclwearables Heya! Nice stuff. This is almost ready to go. There’s some penetrating on the female hair during the run cycle you’ll need to fix. This could be solved by making the hair shorter or weighting the hair that’s further down the back to the spine bones. Check out the screenshot below -


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Thank you for the super fast feedback, will alter asap.

This looks super cute @dclwearables

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Thank you!!! We love the joy in this hat :heart_eyes:

Hi @grimey, thanks!!! Female hair fixed on both hats and files have been uploaded through edit representation. Are we good to go? :hugs:

I’ve been trying to do something similar to this. I create big crazy looking party hats (physical versions) and have been trying to convert some of them to DCL hats. One of mine is a mushroom that’s somewhat similar to this. A friend sent me this link, and I’m not really sure if it’s ok to ask on this forum, but would you be willing to make the DCL versions of my hats for a fee?

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Heya! This fix looks good. But it looks like they no longer work with the male avatar now. Please add back in the male representation. Cheers!

@sparkles @collections have added back the male representation. Hopefully third time lucky :slight_smile: Are we ok now? Thank you!!!

Hey friend, yeah contact us on twitter wearables_dcl and we can help you for sure :slight_smile:

Heya. It looks like now the items dont have female representation. Make sure both are working and then we can approve no prob!

Hi @sparkles @collections I have double triple checked, and I have added male and female representations. I have readded them again. I don’t have a push button though as it is saying under review. Can you please check your end thank you so much. I have included the pictures to show you both are added.

Hey @collections, just wondering how this review is going please?

Heya. That worked a treat. This is now approved.


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Thank yoouuuuuuu - we are sooo happy!!! Appreciate you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: