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Fund Cupid Collectibles Season 1

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FundCupid Guardian Mk1

  • Description: The very first FundCupid Guardian awarded to new subscribers.
  • Rarity: rare
  • Category: top_head

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Checking this out now.

Please, re-upload the wearable again, thank you!

Hi, I modified the design to fit the limits and also fix the issue of it not showing correctly.

Please review again!


It would be really good to manually fix some topology on the model, see the attached screen for some examples of where such fixes would be good to be applied. Right now it looks like the model has been automatically optimized with not very clean final result.

Thanks for the comments, yes I tried to automatically scale to meet the low poly requirements.

I have further simplified the model and removed the obvious problems. For your review again. Thanks!

Hello! The topology is ok now, just one more thing to be fixed - the texture on the marked area. It also happened due to auto optomization, and such stretches don’t look very neat.

OK! Remapped the texture for the marked area. Please help to check!

Hey, collection approved.

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