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Fuego x Doki Emote Collab

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Death Drop

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Nice! Just a small bug with the thumbnail in world. Could you try generate a new thumbnail and let me know when its done?


It might be worth rotating the camera so its not so front on too, so we get a better look at the emote in the thumbnail. Cheers!

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Just redid it @grimey thanks!

Sweet thanks. Approved!

Hi @grimey we’ve changed the thumbnail for this whenever you have time to look it over x3

Heya, Yep sure thing! Its not through on my end yet, could you push changes on the collection?

Hey @grimey , sorry just seeing this. Can you see if its showing for you now?

Heya, not showing up for me yet. There should be a ‘Push Changes’ button in the collection?

Hey there @grimey , I’ve pressed it a few times. It’s now grey for me.

Didnt want to work. But I’ve disabled and re-enabled. Let me know if that worked.


Still showing as disabled x__x @grimey

Strange. Try again now

As of today the status is green again and the thumbnail is fixed! :pray: Thank you @grimey

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