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Fuego Fashion Week 2022

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Pleather Runway


Happy Fashion Week :smiley:

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Looks like they carry the world on their shoulders!

Happy Fashion Week! Checking this out now!

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Great skin! Love it. There’s just a few little bits that you could make double sided. And you have the tri’s to spare. Check out the screenshots below


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Done, re-uploaded. Thank you for catching that! Forgot to tag you @grimey

Great! All approved. Cheers!

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Hey @grimey I updated the thumbnail to match the rest of my collections. Any chance you can push it through?

Hey @grimey just seeing if you can push that thumbnail update through. Thanks!

Hey. I dont seem to have the option to reapprove, can you check its properly resubmitted on your end?

@grimey hey there sorry about that, wasn’t showing before. Try now?

Cool, its re-approved. Cheers!

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Hey @grimey I just pushed a smart wearable update for this! :+1:

Hey @Shibu @Yannakis can one of you push this please :pray:

Hey @grimey sorry to bother you, pushed a utility description update to this :pray: