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Fuego | Dance Sneakers | HighTop

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Fuego | Dance Sneaker | Red-HT

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Hello checking this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Collection approved!

Hello, hope all is well. I am the creator of this item. it was approved by you guys but we have not yet listed it. we found a small glitch in the design of the shoe where we can actually see the outside of the sole by looking inside of the shoe. we need to fix this by adding an insole so you can’t see it from inside. would it be possible to upload a revised model before listing? Thanks. @fabreeobreen @fabeeobreen

Hello @kevin.fuego
Yes of course you can update the wearable from the editor.
Let me know when you are done!

hello! i updated the male and female and its now ready to be published! thanks @fabeeobreen

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Collection approved! :slight_smile: @kevin.fuego