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Fuck-It NFTee

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Eff-It NFTee


Hi everyone! Apologies for the Collection Title… I tried to change, as you see I thought when in Edit mode changing the name of the Wearable would change the name of the collection… I was wrong and didn’t notice until after it published… Please Pass it :frowning: It was a verrry stupid oopsies… waahhh

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That shirt is awsome. I also see no problem with the name of the collection. Pass it


Letz get it baby~~~~~~


Hey @Kat @vrglitch I am trying to update female version. I noticed a slight issue with the wrist. I have updated on my end and can’t seem to update Collection… I updated, but now cannot add the Female Representation back in. I am only able to upload 1 Representation now and not add 2nd version.!
Any help would be great!~

In editor mode as you have it in the first picture above, click on the pencil to the top right corner of the first rectangle. There you should find the option to upload again. @3rd_Eye_Visuals hope that helps!

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Thanks Crypt_Sannin, that is what I am familiar with as well. Only, when I did it this time I uploaded the Male version as Primary, then no option to add the Female Representation. It seems to be only accessing the Primary version which is the one that is uploaded 1st.

yes upload the female version onto the collection where male version is already at as if you were going to publish again, then when you click female and it will ask if that item belongs to an item or something similar and you hit yes then pair with the male version as you will see it as option. @3rd_Eye_Visuals

Woowwzzaa boowwzzaaaa… I had to click on the pic instead of open in Editor… In my defense, previous to publishing you have the option in Editor to add a Female Representation. Thanks for all your input Crytpo!! Cheers Mate!

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Decentraland - Google Chrome 2021-08-04 22-10-02_Trim_Trim (2).zip (3.4 MB)

Woooot, Fixed her wrist! All is looking good!! I will touch no further until reviews. Perfect song dropping in on! Saying What The F*ck as I drop in, hahahahah. Cheers everyone!!

@Kat @vrglitch

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The shirt looks amazing. I see nothing wrong with the title. Keep up the great work!

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Nice job there, cheers for more

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