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Freuds Clothes

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Sigmund Freud


Hello checking this now

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Hello! Nice one :slight_smile:
All good! Just two little things:

  • There is some clipping in the neck area (check dance animation) and on the hat (probaby the hair underneeth)
  • Wearables are not double sided in-world, do you want to add some back geometry to avoid transparency? see image
  • Check if you want add any description and tags

Let me know when you are ready :slight_smile:

Hi there, thanks for the info! We updated the skin. Do I have to upload again on

Hello! I suggest you to remove file from here to avoid leaks :slight_smile:

You just need to click on the little pencil icon in the editor builder, and update your new model!

Thanks! Already done. So we’re good to go? Cheers!

I will check this now :slight_smile:
Do you have IP rights to use Freud name?
Can you please send them to

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Yes, in fact we do, we work with the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna. We’ll send the confirmation to the address. Thank you!


Hey @DrSigmundFreud !
Neck is fixed, riggin is correct, good job!

You still have some “holes” in the inner jacket part. (second picture i sent)
You will not see that through the editor:
Check this video to test your wearables in-world and see how normals works.
1:38 you can enter test nest switching to ropsten network

Probably you want to add back geo to avoid transparency holes :slight_smile:

Hey! Everything is fixed now. Can you check again? Cheers!

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Hello @DrSigmundFreud !
Good job, tech is good! Check if you want to add any tags and description.
I’ll be wait for the legal green light and then approve this :slight_smile:

Great! We don’t need any tags or description. The legal info should already be there. :slight_smile:

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Hey @DrSigmundFreud collection approved! :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear, thank you!