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Fractilians Genesis Hoodie M/F

GM Wearable Committee,
I hope you are having a lovely day. Thank you for all you do for the community:)

Just wanted to let you know that I have an avatar skin attached, even though this is three textures one of them is an avatar texture. I’ve heard that you’re allowed to have an extra texture as long as it’s the AvatarSkin_MAT - hopefully I’ve done everything else according to code:)

Thanks again,

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Hey Nathalie, I’ll check this now!

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Just having a look, really cool design!
Currently the design is open at the base showing the reversed faces

Other than that it’s perfect and ready to go~
Let me know once that’s updated!

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Oh wow thank you sososo much for taking a look so quickly, I very much appreciate it. Also, I’m so happy you like it:) So all I should do is have the base all closed up right?

Just re-uploaded them with the changes you requested. I hope I understood what was needed…:slight_smile: Thanks again:)

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Actually, I might need your help…it’s now showing only the female version…how do I reupload it to have the male and female versions again?
Thank you:)

When you drop it into builder, make sure it doesn’t say both and if you can’t see the option to add the other gender, go to the item itself~
Let me know if you get stuck!

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I think I just figured it out…hehe…thank you, It looks like both edits are up now:)

I’ll check again in a bit. Thank you and also hope you’re having a great day!

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Awesome thank you! I have had a great day working away on this Genesis Wearable:) I hope you are also having a lovely day:)

Thats all approved! Thank you~

:tada: :tada: :tada: OMG thank you!!! That’s the best your approved pic ever!