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Fractal Zen NFTee

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Fractal Zen NFTee


Looking good! You may want to check the hips on the male representation - the male and female representations have the hips at different heights.

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I have 2 entire new models! Instead of a single unisex coming in at 2MB I have created the Male and Female versions! Both under 1 MB each including thumbnail so they can be uploaded as a pair! This way they have the best fit for both versions! Where should I go from here? Thanks!

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Female version. Even works with Blue School Skirt! Darn things, lol.

Awesome! The female representation has the ring of vertices in the right place. The male representation has the ring of vertices in a different place, it may be showing the female version instead. You might want to check the properties panel and glb files.

Hey Kat! I have not uploaded the new models yet. I am not aware how to. I have them saved on my PC ready for review. They are muuuuch better! Any instructions or insight would be great! This is my 1st time going through the procedure. Cheers!

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Let me know what you think! And how to update collection/create new collection to update so we can push forward. Thanks!!

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Hey Kat! I was able to update the Collection to reflect the new Male model. When I go to add the Female representation to the Male version it shows the Unisex symbol in the Item Thumbnail but it seems to overwrite the male version and I can only see the female version. Which of course is too short for the male models… Also curious as to how to change the thumbnail of the Female Representation. Doesn’t give me the option to. I want both Male and Female versions to use same custom photos for same angle and clarity. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

Looking good! Have you tried uploading the female representation first and then adding the male representation? The thumbnail will be the same for both items, by default it’s whichever one is uploaded first.

Hey Kat! All is good!! Shibu helped me to determine the “User Error” lmao… #Facepalm… Collection has been updated and is good to go for review/approval!!! Thank you!!

@Kat @vrglitch Any updates on this? Seems to have been stale all weekend. Thanks!

Yes, everything is working well, nice work!
Sorry for the delay, there were some technical difficulties over the weekend.

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