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Paradise Jersey (Adonal Foyle)

  • Description: #Foyle31NFT to support Adonal Foyle’s Kerosene Lamp Foundation
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: upper_body

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Awesome piece! thanks for your submission.
It seems you are using the same model for both representations (male and female).
Please take into consideration that both representations have different hip height, so you will need to submit two separate models. Please use reference models to better understand differences between both representations and adjust hip vertices to combine well with other wearables.


Did you have the chance to fix your item? please let us know

@vrglitch hey! This is one model for two representations?

we knew that this jersey would not be compatible with the skirt, but something is too bad on your screen.

I expected to see something like this:

is it ok?

Hey! If you are ok with how it looks its ok.
Do you want to add a male representation?

You will need to first click on the item row inside the collection.

Then here.

Thank you!

we didn’t upload this collection, I’ll tell the guys to upload two representations. Thanks