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Founders Edition

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Decentraland Necklace & Earrings


Hey @DeGualupe#c996! How are you? Currently, there is not a category for necklace. Please consider attaching the necklace to an upper body and do an upper body instead.


Hi, doing great. Hope all is well with you. There are earrings attached to the necklace and can be in the earrings category.

Ok, please can you make the earrings to stand out in the thumbnail? If the category is earrings please make these the main asset so other users can recognize it as earrings.

Hi! It is done, please check. Thank you!

Here the necklace is clearly the main asset, not the earrings. Sorry but because there is not necklace category the earrings should be the main asset and the thumbnail must show that.


I see, we made it using the example of other 2 wearables like this in the earring category. There’s also a cigar in the earring category as well. We’d like it to look like a complete set. Rather than only earrings as it is indeed a set.

Let us know what would be an appropriate scale for it to be approved. Thanks

Collection 'Gold Drip Collection 1' created by TheGoldGuy is ready for review! - #37 by Shibu → check this one already approved!

If the earring takes more than 50% of the thumbnail, then it’s OK.


We have modified it, please revise. Thanks

Hi! Please let us know if it’s approved. Thanks

Hello, waiting for feedback.

I really like this item and look forward to being able to wear it in game! Hopefully we hear something back soon. =)

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Thanks Frank! Hopefully we get a response back soon. It’s been a very long process to get this simple item approved.

CC: @Shibu
@deguadalupeandco I read through the feedback and assessed your changes, approved

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Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. Greatly appreciated!

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Guadalupe&Co I sent you an offer on your DCL necklace! please check out my bid

specifically interested in the mint issue 1 for my offer.

Hi! Thanks for report in discord, I will check your collection today

Hi! I noted some issues with skinning of your necklace, please weight paint circled area to 1 to spine2 bone