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Forbiden wings

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The devil’s wings


I am just a player trying to help, your wings looks interesting, but i think you are way above 500/550 max triangles allowed for the top head slot. Also you need to include something above head to be considered a top head item. Good luck

Thanks for your response! It’s hard to see them in the picture but there are horns, that’s why I classified it as top head collectible. I first made it as an upper-body pice but the body disappeared so I added the horns and classified it as a top head collectible. Any recommendations on what I should do?

First collectible. I would greatly appreciate any tips or recommendations.

Ok i see the horns, yes that can be considered a top head slot “tiara”, the only problem is that your item is “1522 triangles”, and top head “accessory” only allows 500 triangles, i seen max 550 approved. Either you make those wings fit in that range, either you move them on the upper body where you have 1500 triangles to play with. Make a very low poly shirt, with DCL hands included, and u will probably have around 800 triangles left to play with for the wings.
You can download their official examples, and u can use that as a starting point for your shirt, also you need their skin material for the hands, that in case you don’t want to make custom hands, with custom color, so you can just copy that.

Link to DCL wearable examples: Wearable Reference Models - Google Drive

Good luck

Thanks for the info. I will get back to you when i do some work.

Hey @kristian! How are you? This part of the wearable is clipping with itself.

Can you please check the weighting of this? Also i notice that the lower parts of the wings are moving a bit off.


Hey @Shibu! Doing great. I will get all the issues fixed as soon as I can and get back to you.
Merry christmas!

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Hey @Shibu ! I updated the design, can you check it out now?

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Hey Kristian ! Look

The wearables is clipping with the elbows of the avatars, noticed this also in world when running.

Please fix, you can 1) skin the wings to move when the arms move or 2) rotate the wings to avoid this happening.


Hey @Shibu , just fixed it, check it out.

collection approved!

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Hey, thank you for approving. Also decided to change the letter from lowercase to uppercase, can you approve that?