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Football World Championship 2022

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The collection has been assigned to theankou


  • thumbnails should have transparent background
  • ball should be removed or moved to other place, or weight paint bone should be changed to avoid overlaps with floor

the rest is perfect!

We fixed thumbnails and the ball.

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Hey @M-Social, thumbnail should not overlap borders of image, in your case 2022 numbers needs to be removed or placed without touching borders, thank you!

also, for some reason triangle count is 6000, reduce it to 3000 or lower please, thank you!

Hi, we have uploaded a new version with the changes made

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collection approved! however, there is one small issue that needs to be fixed:
ropes should be weight painted to 1 to spine2 bone, currently they fly away sometimes on some of emotes, this issue happens on all suits

let me know when you will push update, thank you!

oh, and i noted one more issue… ball normals are inverted. needs to be fixed too. (on all suits)

we have pushed an update

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issue still here

One more version uploaded

collection approved!